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〜「I believe English is one of the most valuable skills」〜ONE WAYスタッフ紹介③ 英会話レッスン担当 Mia


こちらの記事は、ONE WAYスタッフ紹介記事です。

第三回スタッフ紹介は、英会話レッスン担当のMiaです! ※現在Miaはアメリカで会計学を勉強中のため英会話レッスンを休止しています。 日本で生まれ、イギリスで育ち、アメリカの大学を卒業したバイリンガル講師であるMiaのONE WAYや英語学習への想いを語ります。 ▼他のONE WAYスタッフ紹介記事はコチラ!


出身・在住: 大阪生まれ、イギリス育ち
好きな食べ物: sushi and cake
好きなアーティスト: BTS , the 1975
趣味: Watching movies and anime, playing with cats and cooking.
最近ハマっていること: travel, baking, movies
行ってみたい国: salar de Uyuni(Bolivia)


I was born in Japan but lived in England since I was little and lived consecutively from age 7-15. Before I moved to England I could not speak or write much English, however, living in England changed this and within a year I became fluent in the language.

(3)ONE WAYに参加した理由

I joined ONE WAY because I believe English is one of the most valuable skills, and with it not only can you make friends from all over the world, it can also increase your opportunity to work in international companies, travel the world and study abroad.

There is so many benefits from learning English and I am excited to help you improve your English so you can embark on an exciting journey with English!


I have worked as a cabin crew and it has been a very rewarding job as I travelled all around the world and discovered places I never new existed, and all this is thanks to my English skill.

Learning English made me more open minded and gave me a broader perspective on life, and I wish to inspire other Japanese people to also fall in love with the English language as I have.


I would like to share my knowledge and experiences with you and help you improve your English!

Learning a new language requires a lot of commitment and hard work but with my help I believe you can improve your English and achieve an advanced level of English.

Lets work hard together so you can achieve your goal!

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